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We know and believe that today families rely on EBT / SNAP. We provide EBT electronic processing programs that provide you the business owner with every opportunity to Survive & Thrive.

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Accepting EBT is Easy as 1.2.3

Government assistance programs now come in the form of Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards. Instead of paper coupons, most states use EBT to distribute all cash benefits, such as unemployment, grocery and housing assistance.

Reasons to Accept EBT Cards?

Increase its customer base, improve cash flow, simplify the daily deposit process, and minimize exposure to fraud reduce customer wait time in checkout lines.

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If your business is able to process credit or debit cards, participating in EBT processing could not be easier. The service may utilize existing equipment and processes at the point-of-sale. Using an EBT card and PIN, customers are able to easily and discreetly make purchases at participating locations. All states are transitioning to EBT, and merchants who are ready to accept EBT are positioned to capture more market share.

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Quick Facts About EMV Smart Chip Cards

An EBT card, or electronic benefit transfer card, is a type of debit card that you can used to purchase food under the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program. EBT cards are now used in place of paper food stamps.

f the customer does not have enough benefits remaining in his/her account to cover the purchase, the transaction will be denied, and the receipt will display "Denied-Insufficient Balance".

Any FNS authorized food retailer is eligible to participate in the Wisconsin EBT Program.

A client (customer) can take their EBT card to an authorized retail food outlet and present it for payment rather than presenting paper food coupons. After the EBT card is swiped through the POS terminal, the customer will enter their Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Every day, through an automatic function, a summary of the day's EBT transactions will be sent to J.P. Morgan EFS. This information will be processed automatically and reimbursement will be issued.

New FoodShare households are issued an EBT card at the time they are initially determined eligible to receive FoodShare benefits.

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