Up-To-The-Minute Integration

More and more, working in the service and repair industries requires being able to quickly, accurately, and efficiently generate invoices and accept payments anywhere. GAPS payment solutions are designed to help auto, home, equipment, rentals, construction, and other businesses simplify their payments and billing processes, as well as more effectively manage their teams.

“As my towing business grew, processing payments and managing invoices at the end of the day began cutting into the time we should have been spending on service calls.

“GAPS helped me set up our mobile payment system, leaving me with less paper work and better control over the company’s transactions.”

– Sam F. Owner

Flexible Billing Options

Being able to accommodate a variety of customers' payment preferences just makes good business sense. GAPS can provide the equipment and solutions companies need to accept a variety of payment types, meaning you'll never miss a sale.

Easy Appointment Scheduling

Give your customers the flexibility to book their appointment anywhere and on any device! Eliminate no-shows and time wasted with scheduling back-and-forths with our cloud-based scheduling management software.

Rewarding Loyalty

The beauty industry is a crowded one, so rewarding repeat business is essential--and now it's easy, too. GAPS can help you grow your customer base with electronic cards tied to your gift and loyalty programs.

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